Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 Wives One Husband = One Happy Family ???

Polygamy is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. 

Something like this………

  • John is married to Sarah and they have a physical and emotional relationship.
  • John is married to Judy and they have a physical and emotional relationship.
  • John, Judy and Sarah all share a bed, and are a married triplet who are physically and emotionally committed to each other.

Now that just might be the setup nowadays, but years ago this was only done in certain instances under certain conditions mostly to protect members of one's tribe, kinda like "let's keep it in the family" smh !   
Polygamy exists in three specific forms: 
polygyny - where a man has multiple wives
polyandry - where a woman has multiple husbands.
group marriage - where the family consists of multiple husbands and multiple wives.
polygyny is by far the most common.
Since so many different religions practice this, I assumed there were rules and circumstances that applied to this certain “lifestyle”.  I found that men would take on more than one wife when children where left orphaned by events such as war. They can be taken in as a second wife so that their children will be cared for and protected. If the man is not able to treat both wives equally in both material and emotional, he should not marry a second wife.
Another circumstances where these multiple marriages take place is when the first wife is terminally ill or unable to bear children. (Like Oh no honey pie, I can't wait for you to die to get some ass I need me some while u r dieing ... smh.. umm what kinda love is that ?)  The golden rule about these relationships is that everyone involved must agree. To me this sounds like no compassion for your ill wife, but these were their "religious beliefs".

Sadly most of these women who agreed to such conditions were forbidden to marrying outside their tribes, leaving them 2 options, be single or enter in an arranged marriage.  I see these individuals are victims of their own beliefs, forced to believe in something that  does not shows any signs of real love, or commitment to spending a life together for better or for worst. Not to mention getting AIDS or an STD because your husband just wants some buns!  However, arguing these “religious beliefs “would be an endless battle between opinions.

There are women still trapped in this lifestyle with no way out due to economic stability, or fear to disobey their superiors. Nowadays people are engaging is these relationships just to spice of their life and limit commitment or increase the amount of sexual partners they could explore.  Now most men would agree with this lifestyle because generally it’s every man’s dream to have a couple a wives that would all be content with such arrangements. However, the reality is there are women that know nothing else but this lifestyle and dream to get out! Let’s raise awareness …. They are not properties or baby making machines, they must know they have choices and this shouldn’t be one of them. 

Every woman is entitled to her “own” husband as well as every man is entitled to his own wife!  I would never agree to lower my standards to be a second wife and if I was the first wife I wouldn't agree a second wife, we would just have to split…. Would you engage in a poly relationship? Yes..Why?... No..Why Not?

I hope people share their insight on this topic.. we never know if we could end someone's nightmare of being just a number ! smh ! 


Wishing my reading many blessings,peace love and light !!!  


  1. What about polyandry, when one woman took on multiple husbands. It seems to be more about the welfare of society and what the leaders of these societies deem necessary to advance the common interests of all the citizenry and its survival instead of the interests of one woman or one man alone. There are many things that individuals may not agree to, but the leaders of a society have to do what is necessary to ensure its prosperity and survival, and to look out for the common good. In the western world, many individuals hate paying taxes, some men also think it's unfair that mothers are deemed the primary custodians by law in the US, and there are many other laws that we may not agree to, but THIS IS NOT ABOUT INDIVIDUALS, it's about the COMMON GOOD and the COMMON INTERESTS. At least, polygamy is not forced down people's throats as some laws has always been a mutual arrangement. These societies that allow polygamy only make it an option for consenting adults who have no problem with it, as a way to alleviate certain societal the case of polyandry, one woman would take on multiple husbands because of scarcity of food and other resources. Instead of dividing the family resources between two or three brothers, the state simply allows them the option of marrying one woman as a way to share the little resources that the family has.

    In the case of polygyny, where women outnumber men by a vast margin, the state typically allows one man to have multiple "consenting" wives as a way to reduce the number of single mothers and poverty. The key concept here is the common good, and not the idiosyncradic whims of one individual.

  2. There is no way that I am coming second to anyone in a relationship. To each its own, who am I to judge?